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Aluminum roofing comes in a variety of styles—from the authentic charm of wood shake, to the characteristic look of slate, or tile. All of the elegance, quality, and energy efficiency you are looking for in one roof can all be achieved with the use of aluminum.

All of the Aluminum Roofing Systems we offer are proud partners of Energy Star, which makes you qualified for government discounts and other exclusive deals.

We are a proud Classic Products Dealer, and we have the highest quality aluminum systems on the market. We also stand behind our products, offering a Lifetime Warranty with our products.

All of Classic’s Roofing Systems come in a variety of colors and finishes

We offer the following Aluminum Roofing Systems:

Rustic Shake – a unique kind of metal roofing system that gives off a timeless, rugged, hand-split wood shake roof look.

Oxford Shake and Slate – this is a low profile aluminum kind of roofing that imitates that classic and architectural look of typical roofs.

Great American Shake – is an energy-saving US-made metal roofing system. It is an Energy Star partner roofing product that is guaranteed to help you save on your energy costs all through various temperatures throughout the year.

Aluminum roofs are made from 95% recycled aluminum. Which you can be sure that you are also saving the environment from waste.

Aluminum Shake can often be installed over an existing composition roof. This reduces the number of roofing materials that end up in landfills. Should your current roof is in need to be removed, we have partnered with a recycling company that will recycle your old composition roofs into reusable materials.

Pioneer Metal Roofing Specialists continues to provide its clients with high quality, energy-saving, and waste-free metal roofs throughout the year. Contact us today at 421 Sodville Rd Sinton, TX 78387 or drop us a call at 361-287-7578.