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StoneCrest Slate

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The Tamko StoneCrest Slate replicates the random finish of natural Slate with the protection of metal roofing.
StoneCrest Slate and Tile are both four-way interlocking Metal Roofing Systems. They are constructed of 28 gauge Steel, with a Kynar 500/Hylar 5000 finish, and are the highest quality finish available in the current metal roofing industry.

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Both the StoneCrest Slate and Tile come with a 50 Year Limited Transferable Lifetime Warranty.

Tamko shingles are made from 50% post-consumer recycled material, and they are 100% recyclable. In many instances, they can be installed over existing composition shingles, reducing the amount of waste in landfills! You not only have a great quality roof, you also have the confidence that you were able to save the environment by not adding waste.

Metal Roofing adds to the value, durability, and appearance of your home. Visit the Steel Roofing Benefits page to learn more about how a metal roof can benefit your home.
StoneCrest Tile

The Tamko StoneCrest Tile gives a smooth uniform appearance if tile roofing with the benefits of metal roofing.
Tamko Metal Roofing is rated by the Cool Roofing Council. They are a nonprofit organization that rates the radiative properties of roofing materials.
Tamko Metal Roofing products are proudly Energy Star rated.

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We are one of the top experts of all things metal roofing. Not only that, but we also value the importance of reducing environmental waste, which is why we only use roof materials made from recycled aluminum and other related metal materials to make it cost-effective and environment-friendly. Our team of roofers is well-equipped with the most updated equipment to make sure we give the best roofing services that you’ll ever need.

We understand the importance and demand of metal roofing, which is why we partnered with the most credible metal roofing manufacturers in the country to make sure you are only getting the most high-quality metal roofs that would last a lifetime. We also make sure that our prices are just right for your budget as well since we also understand the need for families to have a great well-roofed home that would last for many generations.

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Pioneer Metal Roofing Specialists continues to provide its clients with high quality, energy-saving, and waste-free metal roofs throughout the year. Contact us today at 421 Sodville Rd Sinton, TX 78387 or drop us a call at 361-287-7578.